The Pacific Grove Adult Education Center is a member of the Monterey Peninsula Adult Education Consortium. 


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Career Training 

We offer a variety of Career Training classes for those looking to learn something new and those looking to brush up on old skills. Classes differ from session to session so check back with us often!

Create Video Clips and Movies using iPad and iPhones

Learn how filming techniques and editing are combined to create videos and movies. Prior computer or device knowledge is preferred but not required. 

TH          10am-12:00pm          Rm 7          R. Cassam                  $75

Digital Cameras (8 weeks)

Learn what all those other buttons and dials are for, when to use them, and how you can take better pictures. Bring your camera, charged battery and manual.

W           6-8:30pm                     Rm 7         G. Hyde                       $150

Getting Started in Social Media

Introduction to the basics of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn. Learn how to create meaningful relationships with friends, clients and colleagues.

TH         5:30-8:30pm               Rm 7         B. Moon-Batista          $150

Adobe Classic Lightroom

Learn to import, edit and develop your images in Adobe Lightroom. This is a basic course. Some Mac skills required.

T           5:30-8:30pm                Rm 7          B. Moon-Batista          $175

Digital Photography Advanced Skills (9 weeks)

Take your photography to the next level by building on your current skills. Focus beyond the basics with advanced camera settings and techniques, composition and lighting. Weekly assignments and three field trips. 

M         1-4:00pm                      Rm 7           B. Moon-Batista         $175

Adobe Photoshop CC (8 weeks)

During these eight sessions, you will learn step-by-step techniques to Adobe Photoshop.

T          6-8:30pm                       Rm 7          G. Hyde                        $150

Mac Overview

Learn the basics of operating a Mac computer for communication and exploring the internet and applications. This course requires no prior computer knowledge. 

T          10-12:00pm                 Rm 7            R. Cassam                    $75

Mac/PC Lab

Work on individual projects and receive one-on-one instruction. This lab is suitable for a beginner seeking help or for advanced users who need tutoring. 

F           10-12:00pm                Rm 7            R. Cassam                   $75

iPad/iPhone Boot Camp

IOS devices are taught to students of all skill levels. Bring your iPad or iPhone (or both) and learn how to use the devices for everything. iPads can be provided for classroom use. 

F           1-3:00pm                    Rm 7            R. Cassam                   $75

iPad/iPhone Basics 

IOS smartphones and tablets are taught to students with no experience. Bring your iPad, iPhone (or both) or use the PGAE iPadPro and Pencil. Basic operations and functions are taught with communications, photos, music and internet.

TH       1-3:00pm                     Rm 7             R. Cassam                 $75

Video Class Overview Free Lecture (May 26th)

Learn the basics of video and audio recording for producing podcast/social media online shows. If you have expertise that you would like to develop into an online show, this will introduce you to the main technologies, techniques and equipment you will need to produce effective, interesting shows. Course to follow in Summer 2020!

T          6-8:00pm                    Rm 7             G. Hyde                      $0