The Pacific Grove Adult Education Center is a member of the Monterey Peninsula Adult Education Consortium. 


(831) 646-6580 (tel)

(831) 646-6578 (fax)


1025 Lighthouse Ave

Pacific Grove, CA, 93950



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Active Older Adults

Students of all ages are welcome! 

You may register and begin class at any time.

PGUSD residents receive $5 off. Discount not available for on-line registration. We offer a "Five Day Workout Special" for $80 when you register for two classes.

*(Resident discount not applicable on Five Day Workout)


Flexibility and Relaxation 

M,W,F     6:30-7:30am          (SGALC)         J. Light                      $55

Body Conditioning/Balance with Marta

T,TH        8-9:00am                (SGALC)        M. Dalhamer           $45

Circuit Training with Marta

M,W,F     9-10:00am              (SGALC)        M. Dalhamer          $55

Pilates Method Conditioning

T,TH        9-10:00am              (Multi)                S. Beck                $50

Balance Fitness

T,TH        9:10-10:00am         (CW)                   T. St.Pierre         $50

Get Fit!  

T,TH        4:30-5:30pm           (SGALC)              T. St.Pierre        $45

Lite Aerobics and Strengthening

M,W,Th   10-11:30am            (SGALC)              T. St.Pierre        $55

Managing Arthritis through Exercise

T,Th         1:10-2:00pm          (SGALC)              R. Kumar           $40

Aerobic Conditioning with Sherri

M,W,F     10:15-11:15am      (CH)                     S. Beck               $55

Hi Low Cardio

T,TH        3:30-4:30pm          (Multi)                 S. Beck               $45

Body Conditioning with Janet

T,Th         3:30-4:30pm         (SGALC)               J. Light                $45

Gyrokinesis with Sherri (not included in 5-day workout)

T,TH        10-11:00am           (Multi)                S. Beck                $90

Sat          10-11:00am           (PGHS Dance)   S. Beck                $55